We have Notarial Services Attorney

📣🎉 Notary services are very important as they help create a guarantee on the authenticity of the document. Signatures and documents of individuals are notarized in order to attest to their authenticity. This prevents fraudulent individuals from passing unauthenticated documents.
✅ Furthermore, the notary public also acts as a neutral witness. He lays witness that the documents that are submitted are authentic and the individuals signing them are the same ones who are qualified to do so. Some documents cannot become enforceable nor binding until they are notarized. For such documents, notarization is mandatory.
✅ In Thailand, notary services are often required by institutions such as:
Foreign Embassies , Private Organizations , Schools, Banks, Government Offices etc.
📌📌✅ We have Notarial Services Attorney to certify the following documents;
👉 Certify Signature by the need to be signed in present of the
👉 Certify copies of documents such as ID Card, Passport, House
Book and other documents by the original document must be
shown to the Attorney.
👉 Certify you still alive, must be accompanied with a valid ID Card
to be shown.
👉 Others
🤗 🤗
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