Why Us

Number 1.

We are Attorneys providing a variety of legal services.

Thailiving Law Co.,Ltd. is a law firm established and registered with the Lawyer Council of Thailand as a legitimate Law Firm which located in Pattaya, Chonburi province.

Number 2

Professional reputation for more than 10 years.

We provide honest professional service and  sincere.

We treat all clients as key persons, friendship and good feelings of the client.

Number 3
We need to make the job come to fruition and as beneficial to the client as possible. We will inform the client of the procedure, schedule of work and the cost of the task assigned by the client and reporting to the client about the progress of the work.
Number 4
Our work needs to be done properly by professional standards and full of responsibility for the result of a worthwhile work for the client.
Number 5
It is our Code of Conduct to keep confidential about the work assigned to us. Others have no right to inspect or access the client document.
Number 6
If you are seeking a firm highly experienced in legal, put your trust and confidence in Thailiving Law Co.,Ltd.